List of Services

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Botox $9 Per Unit



Craw's Feet


Frown lines

Bunny Line

Smile lift

Facial Skin Botox | $800

Under Eye Skin Botox | $300

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Dermal Fillers

Juvedem ( Voluma or Volbella) | $550 Per Syringe







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PDO Thread Lift

PDO Face Lift | $2000


Eye brown




PDO Nose Lift | $950

Nose Bridge

Nose Tip

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Laser Treatment

Laser Toning + Cryotheraphy

$350 Per Session

8 Sessions for $2000 includes Topical Treatment + Prescriptions (as needed) + Personalized Vitamins

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Non-surgical Face & Body Contouring

Targeted Fat Reduction package 3 sessions (bikini line, Double chin, arms, facial contouring, thighs) $2000 with treatment

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Skincare Treatment

Down Aging Water-Glow Care $250 per session or 5 sessions $1000

- For intense glow and stem cell therapy

Gold Therapy Cleopatra Care $300 per session or 5 sessions $1000

- For Rejuvenation and nutrient/firmness

Acne Treatment Package 5 sessions + home care kit $1500

-Total Acne care from extraction, MTS treatment and home Kit

Ultimate NutriCell Rejuvenation Care $600 per session or 5 sessions $2000

- Deep pore cleansing/firming/whitening/anti-wrinkle rejuvenation therapy using aqua peel, deep layer plasma-ultrasonic technique

Laser Therapy (Toning, Freckles, Sun spots,mole removal) Variable

Hairloss Therapy

Stemcell Treament using Exosome and laser therapy

Grand opening price of $3500 for 6 months personalized treatment course

Doctor Consultation and DNA testing to identify cause of hair loss personalized prescribed medication and vitamins

1 Session of PRP and Exosome Injection

3 Sessions Scalp Therapy (Monthly)

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Weight Loss Program Kit

Per month | Variable pricing

Beauty Tattoo

Lips, Eyebrow, Eyeline, Hairline | Price $200-$300